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Ooh, sweet child
We'd better take care of you
Ooh, sweet child
Cause you, you, you
Are the future

I see tears where there should be joy
For every little girl
And every little boy
A desert that needs some rain
To help you out and ease your pain

Sweet child
Sweet child of mine

Ooh, sweet child
Never, never, never be blue
Ooh, sweet child
Yes, you, you, you
Are our future

We know that you are
And I'm hoping that you will go far
And whatever you need
I'll try to be with you
Cause you, you, you
Are the future, yeah-yeah, yeah
Sweet child
Yeah, yeah

Ooh, sweet child
I'm gonna take care of you
Ooh, sweet child
We'd better do nurture for you, you, you, yeah
I can feel you, baby
You are my sweet child of mine

And I love you
Always I would love you
Sweet child of mine
Sweet child of mine
Oh, baby
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Album Blue Eyed Soul (2019)

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