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Don't Believe Me Songtext

Don't Believe Me Shit I Ain't Getting Money Boy
You Ain't Seen enough This Gunz Too Much
Boy Don'T Get Paranoid Your Squad A Flock Of Birds
Where Your Feathers Boy Better Get Your Money Up
Because This Year Ain't No Tellin Boy
Don't Believe Me Shit I Been Getting Money Boy
You Ain't Seen enough That's When These Gunz A Change Your Color Boy
A Red Dot Leave Your Ass In Public Boy
I Hear You With The Fedz
Ain't No Talking Ain't No Sellin Boy
I'm From A Block Where Them Shooters Come Discover Boy
Fucking With My Squad I Bet All Your Shooters Paranoid
We Robbin Plugs My Connects Speak Spanish Boy
We Can Set Up Shop On The Block Let's Get Money Boy
Let Talk Shit Is Your Money Ever Coming Boy
Heard My Niggas Broke That Shit A Joke
We Ain't Them Other Boys
This Hoes Make You Wonder I Don't Love Them Boy
I Be About My Money Don't Believe Me We Can Start A Riot
Money Got Me Talking To The Birds That's What's Up
You Niggas All Pigeons Better Get Ya Money Up
It's A Ten Way On My Line Boy This Money Got Me Stuck
I Fuck Alot Hoes But I Can't Get Enough
It's That Time Off The Day
When These Niggas Start Bitching
I Put Money Over Hoes So You I Ain't Trippin
Got Crat Full Of Guns So You The Block Trippin
You Be Missin All You Funds If My Money Show The Difference
Your Bitches Is Average You Claim To Be A Savage
But You Ain't Did Shit In The Streets
You Claim You Ballin Your Money Don't Look Taller
These Guns Leave Dead In The Streets
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SD - Don't Believe Me
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