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Praise Him Songtext

Oh I lift up my heads to the father
Cause he made me strong
He put the food on my table
Yes and in my heart he songs
Oh Jah I love you so
Mighty God I need you so,
Sing Along


Haliluja, praise his name
Haliluja, highest praise
Haliluja, night and day

2. Praises for Jah both young and old
Its better than silver and gold
Silver and gold will vanish away
But the love of my father is here to stay
Woe be unto the sheperd
That leads his sheeps astray
On that day they all shall pay
I'm not afraid to praise him
Forget my troubles and praise him
I'm not afraid to sing
Open my heart and let him come in


Cause I'm singing and I'm chanting in spirit
Heathen them hear it, and Jah know dem nuh love it
But let them knoe that I am one of Jah prophet
And I won't stop spreading his name and his love
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Album Praise Him (1995)

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Sanchez - Praise Him
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