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Rose Tints My World Lyrics

It was great when it all began.
I was a regular Franky fan.
But it was over when he had the plan
To start a-working on a muscle man.
Now the only thing that gives me hope
Is my love of a certain dope.
Rose tints my world, keeps me safe from my trouble and pain.

I'm just seven hours old,
Truely beautiful to behold.
And somebody should be told
My libido hasn't been controlled.
Now the only thing I've come to trust
Is an orgasmic rush of lust.
Rose tints my world and keeps me safe from my trouble and pain.

It's beyond me; help me Mommy!
I'll be good; you'll see.
Take this dream away.
What's this? Let's see,
I feel sexy!
What's come over me?
Whoa! Here it comes again.

I feel released; bad times deceased.
My confidence has increased; reality is here.
The game has been disbanded
My mind has been expanded.
It's a gas that Franky's landed!
His lust is so sincere.
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