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The air was cool
On lily pools
Hazy, lazy
And here and there
He'd stop to stare
Admiring all the flowers (Kew gardens)
Wandering round for hours (Kew gardens)

The sun was warm
Across the lawns
Scented, blended
He saw her linger
And With her finger open up a rose (Kew gardens)
Standing on tip toes (Kew gardens)

Suddenly the rain came flurrying
Sending the two of them hurrying
Helter skelter for the shelter
And feeling bolder in the big pagoda
He gently enquired her name
And they waited till the sunshine came. (Kew gardens)

And for a while
The griffin smiled
Kindly, blindly
Till the evening bell
Broke the spell
And sadly they said goodbye (Kew gardens)
And one of the griffins cried
In Kew Gardens
Im Trend
Kathy Kelly: Keiner wusste Bescheid!
Vor 1 Tag
Kathy Kelly: Keiner wusste Bescheid!
Sarah Lombardi: Sorge um Alessio!
Vor 11 Minuten
Sarah Lombardi: Sorge um Alessio!

Album Streets of London (1975)

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