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Why does Sci-Fi Fantasy Have To Be Such A BITCH?!?! Songtext

Well, let me tell y'all a little story. My friend Jonathan and I, we enrolled in a class together. And we had a lot of good times, and some not so good times. This song is about a teacher, we'll call Ms. A., yeah, A for *******.
Hey there, Ms. A., why ya gonna be such a bitch today? We took a Sci-Fi Fantasy and we don't wanna read such shitty-ass books you want us to read. I, Robot really sucked, it didn't make any sense and no one died, what the fuck is up with robots not killin' anyone? Killin' anyone? Killin' anyone? Killin' anyone?
On with the story! One day my friend Jon and I were sitting in her class, she came up to us, and she said we'd better shut up or she'd cut out our tongues and make them into shoelaces. Yeah, we were tryin' to be good little boys... But one time, when my man was takin' a test, this is what he said. We read this book called, Dragonsong... A charming tale about a fuckin' ugly white girl who was tryin' to get accepted in her white community. My friend Jon, he had to describe her as ugly, but he didn't say that! He said: Menolly is such a fuckin' slut! She fell out of a redwood tree, hittin' every branch on the way down so she was bloody and bruised and then she hit a trampoline hit 'em all the way back up hit a bed of spikes and fell back down again!!!
(She fell down the redwood ugly tree) Wish (trampoline) she would have died (hit everything) But she didn't (trampoline) die I really wish she would (flew back up) have died I hate Menolly (Looks like a man) cuz she's such a fuckin' ugly she's a man) manish guy she got (cleanin' a fish) Mistaken for a man (hand) twice I don't get it (slit open) why did they allow her to live (guttin' fish) She cut open her hand (guttin' a fish) when she was guttin' a fish (cleanin' it out) she Packtail with (Incomprehensible screaming) its drippy slime I don't get it mommie why can't I dance?
She wouldn't let Menolly dance, that's why Menolly was ugly. Because her mamma wouldn't let her dance or sing, actually, the singing was probably the bigger part...
Let's belt out another tune, about Menolly and Ms. A. they had a relationship she was a fictional, and a bitch... She was divorced, and she switched her name back because she can't stand to not have as much money as some other woman benefit, I don't understand because I don't really care. Fuck you Ms. A., A stand for *******, A stands for *******...
Sci-Fi, science fiction with Ms. A. and the one handed girl named Menolly even though she had two hands, she cut open one hand on purpose, she wanted to cut her hand. I didn't get it, Jon was not the man he got about half as many points on the as I did cuz I play it safe and I don't talk back to the teacher...
So, you know, on his trimester, it shows that he was not a complete fuck shit, because he did pass the class, he passed with class, and he stood up to Ms. A! And they get to see Lords of the Rings next Friday and I don't get it, what the fuck, why didn't we get to go see that? Probably because the trimester was over before, you know, the second trimester. Thus not entitling us to not go see the movie
Ms. A. Is such a bitch, I hate you so, you make me itch, in my penis. I really hate you, why won't you die?! Diiiieeeeiiiiieeeeeiiiiieeeeiiiiieeee!!! I ought a kill you Ms. A., take my fuckin' big gun shoot you in the face. Cuz you're a homeless retarded old person, did I mention Ms. A. is fuckin' 70 years old? (Yeah, you cut up a snake with a yard stick) cut up a snake (cut up a snake with a yard stick) Afraid of the snake, she cut it up (with a yard stick) cut it up, cut it up with a yardstick cut it up, cut it up, cut it up cuz she 70 years old, old, old.
Ms. A., what the fuck, cut a snake, with a yard stick. (Jumped on a rock) there was no point. (Jumped on a rock) there was no point. (Jumped on a rock) why the fuck did you jump on a rock, because you're stupid. Why don't you get Alzheimers and die (become like Regan) become like Regan, or the Pope, I hate you Ms. A. you make me wanna toss my salad...
But that's not the moral of the story! The moral is: Fuck you Ms. *******, oh I'm sorry, I meant Ms. A. and you Menolly.
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Rage Against The Homeless - Why does Sci-Fi Fantasy Have To Be Such A BITCH?!?!
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