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Take off Your Clothes Songtext

Take off your clothes,
Let me see what it is that your hiding
And don't look so shocked
You have nothing to fear from my eyes
My daddy, is a priest you know
And I am, not a beast you now
I just, want to love (x2)
Take off your clothes,
And stand naked as nature intended
And I'll take off mine,
Just to show you that I'm in good faith
I just, want to look (x2)
Well now you can see,
It isn't as bad as all that
So lie on the bed,
And I'll talk of my unhappy childhood
My daddy, is the pope you know
And I just, want to grope you know
I just want to feel (x2)
It will not hurt
I promise you that, cross my heart
The first time is always the best
You can ask anybody - ask your mother!
I just, want to feel (x2)
Well how can you say that
I brought you here just for one purpose
There are thousands of girls
I could get, if I just wanted that - yes there are
I just, want to love (x2)
Well how does it feel
Now that you are no longer a maiden
What do you mean? You want more?
And you want it right now? - oh my god
I just, want to sleep (x2)
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Peter Sarstedt - Take off Your Clothes
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