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Paddy Goes To Holyhead - Bridget O'Malley Songtext

Bridget O'Malley

Oh Bridget O'Malley
You've left my heart shaken
With a hopeless desolation
I'd have you to know
It's the wonders of admiration
Your quiet face has taken
And your beauty will haunt me
Wherever I go

The white moon above the pale sands
The pale stars above the thorn tree
Are cold beside my darling
But no purer than she
I gaze upon the cold moon
Till the stars drown in the warm seas
And the bright eyes of my darling
Are never on me

My Sunday it is weary
My Sunday it is grey now
My heart is a cold thing
My heart is a stone
All joy is dead within me
My life has gone away now
For another has taken
My love for his own.

The day is approahcing
When we were to be married
And it's rather I would die
Than live only to grieve
Oh, meet me, My Darling
E'er the sun sets o'er the barley
And I'll meet you there
On the road to Drumslieve
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