Buc Bac Lyrics


Onyx - Buc Bac Songtext

It's good to see everybody in this motherfucker tonight
You know why we here, you know what we came to do

When I go buc buc, you better buc back
Buc buc (buc buc), buc buc (buc buc)
So put your middle fingers up
Nigga, say fuck that (fuck that), fuck that (fuck that)

If you pop off, niggas ain't ever around
When we pop off, we don't care whoever's in town
Never trust, it's never us if the cops ask questions
Never trust a nigga, even popped my best friend
Your ins coming here, your niggas coming here
That tough guy shit, the tough die quick
So wake the fuck up from the dead you bitch niggas
Or get your hair done, we're the official wig splitters
The kick back from the pistol will break your wrist
Then I'll put you six feet in the ground and take a piss
I'm disrespectful, yeah I know but fuck you
I know a couple niggas that will kill you for a buck or two
For five bucks, they get live as fuck
Five ears on the alley so survive the cuts
So buc back, put your middle finger nigga up
Say fuck that if you feel just like me
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