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The Night Is Young Songtext

We move in silhouette
Loved in candlelight
Can't you feel the night is young
Come Dance With The Ghost
Step in through my door
Don't you know the night is young
In the city lights
A pale reflection's calling
How we love the night so young

Hanging from horizons eyes
See the faces crystalline
Trace your foot steps, follow through
Down on the ground and kiss those black lips
Back upon you, waiting on
Sound of heartbeats, breathing's drawn
Tasting your temptation
My dark embraces revelation

Up above the skyline hightime
Look across the evenings cries
So many empty hearts just wasting
Time they don't have left to kill
The moonlight guides the darkness near
To a place where desire waits
In cold anticipation
The Devil lays down your salvation
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Nosferatu - The Night Is Young
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