Runaway Lyrics


Natural - Runaway Songtext

I'm sick of all the days gone by
When I didn't have you to myself
I'm tired of e-mail conversations
It could be someone else
You say you need me
Like the roses need sun or they'll die
No matter what the people say
Let's run away


Let's run away
Miles away
Let the people say what they wanna say
It's our fantasy
I'm in love with thee
Let forever be our brand new policy
Let's run away
Far away
Love will take us there we'll be okay
Make this dream come true
I'll be next to you
Let's just run away

I can smell your perfume
Off everything I wore
When we kissed that night.
I can see your face on every wall
Even through the dark of the night.

And when you call my cell phone
My heart skips a beat out of time

If you really love me
Don't leave me, girl
You don't have to say goodbye
We did it all for love
Let's run away, let's run away


Ooh, don't you remember when we used to sit
And we'd dream of a home
That we'd share
Oh, we'd stand in the crowd
And we'd talk out real loud
Girl you'd swear
We were already there
We did it all for love


Let's run away


Let's run away
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