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Motörhead - Keep Us on the Road Songtext

We began at the beginning,
Moving high and moving fast,
Machine's clean, so sweet and mean,
Should have known it wouldn't last,
But when I took her clothes off
I thought she would explode,
Clutch another handful,
Kept Us On The Road

The black things came from nowhere,
But they couldn't beat the shield,
They flew across the highway,
But we smashed them in the field,
But when I made a suggestion
I thought she would epxlode,
Clutch another handful,
Keep Us On The Road

It was round about the third day,
I remember it so clear,
We came across a black night,
Naked, grinding fear,
And that was all we left there,
In concrete staring cold,
Clutch another handful,
Keep Us On The Road
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