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Problem melden

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I lie back on soft grass , enveloped by the voluptuous sound of hundreds of cats purring.
The air electrifies and I breathe in the presence of you most
Beautiful goddess.
My lover and I slide hither through vibrations and dimensions
(unknown) the friction of transition creates ripples of ecstasy
Through every fibre of our being.
We are two
Become one
Become none
Become all
Ecstatic reverberations shock through the soil.
We are flying through the sky joined by our medicine makers,
I surround you my love with white raven feathered wings to keep
You warm.
You are coiled into my breast and gaze into the chambers of my heart.
Diaphanous skin of my torso stretched and gleaming,
Coloured red, gold, and silver.
Sweat beaded into jewels burst through skin's surface forming strange patterns of desire.
The chambers of my heart are flanked by serpents with eyes of crystal.
There are four chambers,of four colours,blended in rotation
Spinning ,spiralling into wondrous rose hues.
By your phallus entering the portals of my womb, it is seen that
Your seed is the essence which can draw back the veil
.And you can ascend from your grave into the heavens
It is a certain kind of death oh beloved male!
No fear! Death of doubt, and gone is the agony of malevolent
Beloved! Beloved!
The time for sadness is no more.
The aeons of isolation give way to joyous times.
Join with me beloved, the ice has melted.

The goddess freyja speaks...
" I be the air you breathe
I be thine own way , light and truth.
Always as the waters I move ,and so I wish my children to share.
And they must move in tides.
And so like the amniotic fluid of which you drink,
I will give all to you until my womb becomes the desert
Of mine self and the stars begin to fade....."
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Verona Pooth äußert sich zu ihrer Scheidung
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Rammstein: Endlich reagiert die Band auf die Vorwürfe
Mother Destruction - Kenaz
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