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In the center of a blazing sun
Weaving serpent hair around you..
Taking an obsidian flame between us in our hands
To carve new channels and patterns within
With great tenderness we formed each new'cunt'
As the flame touched the skin
One in the base of the spine
One in the umbilical zone
One in the middle of the forehead my'ajna'
Finally one leading directly to my heart
There was no pain,and on completion each wound began pulsing
Oozing, sweet perfumes and sticky secretions.
He began to kiss each new opening
Softly tonguing and licking
His body glowed as he drink the stream of glittering silvery nectar
From the flower that burst between my eyes
A silvery star.
Kali. Kalika
The unfolding of sensations and vibrations
Formed a simulacra of some great cosmic cunt
Stars dotted, vast coordinates of desire
Earth flux, Stars fucking....
Love streaming colors to paint a picture of Maya
Kala Maya (frey X Freyja)
Seven reflections of his soul took human form and began to make love to me..
They surrounded and kissed me
Sweet breath pouring in to me
Heating and warming all the serpents awake
We're floating new born
New made, new born
Displaying in rapture for the eye all seeing
The language and law of love
Kala Maya ( frey X Freyja)
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Mother Destruction - Kala Maya
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