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Morcheeba - Let It Go Songtext


Let it go before it kills you.
Let it fall and fade away.
Let's have fun and do what thrills you.
Please don't waste another day.

Verse One (A)

I've had enough of all this tension,
'Cos you know I'm worried sick,
Now I'm in the right dimension,
No escape route does the trick.

Verse One (B)

I hear my heart is on rotation,
As other people take their cut,
And I can't bear to stand and witness,
So I'll just keep my wide eyes shut.

Verse Two

Why do I cause myself this trouble,
When all around me things are good,
If you could look into the future,
Maybe I'd be understood.
Verse Three

You know I love you more than money,
You know I want you more than fame,
You know I'll be there for the children,
And I will never pass the blame.
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