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Michael Schulte - Jump Before We Fall Songtext

I shouldn't bother
So why do i find
Myself in the corner
I try, i try, i try

So break from the others
When breaking is hard
We line up like soldiers
To fall, to fall apart

When the kids stand up
Everybody's thinking that the world got tough
Standing out the shadows
When the kids stand up
Everybody's hearing the call

Oh, you're gonna take my hand
We'll make a stand
It's you and me against the world
We only got today
So what you say
We'll jump, we'll jump before we fall, oho-oh-oh, oho-oh-oh, oho-oh-oh
Jump before we fall, oho-oh-oh, oho-oh-oh, oho-oh-oh
Jump before we fall

I'm flying high now
We're heading alone
Light from the outside
It grows, it grows, it grows

It starts in the darkness
Will/it longs for the light
And only you and i
We fight, we fight, we fight



And keep pulling all the boats apart
And keep taking all this words to hard
Cause i've not even made a start


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