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Isn't It Romantic Songtext

I've never met you, yet never doubt you
I can't forget you
I've thought about you
I know you're profile and I know the way you kiss
Just the thing I miss
On a night like this
If dreams are made of imagination
I'm not afraid of my own creation
With all my heart my heart is here for you to take
Why should I quake
I'm not awake
Isn't it romantic
Music in the night
A dream that can be heard
Isn't it romantic
Moving shadows write
The oldest magic word
I hear the breezes playing
In the trees above
While all the world is saying
You were meant for love.
Isn't it romantic
Merely to be young
On such a night as this
Isn't it romantic
Every note that's sung
Is like a lover's kiss.
Sweet symbols in the moonlight
Do you mean that I will fall in love perchance?
Isn't it romance.
Isn't it romantic
Soon I will have found
Some girl that I adore
Isn't it romantic
While I sit around
My love can scrub the floor
She'll kiss me every hour,
Or she'll get the sack
And when I take a shower
She can scrub my back
Isn't it romantic
On a moonlight night
She'll cook me onion soup
Kiddies are romantic
And if we don't fight
We'll be sure to have the truth
We'll help the population
It's a duty that we owe to dear old friends
Isn't it romance
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Michael Feinstein - Isn't It Romantic
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