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Harlem Kidz Get Biz Songtext

I'm from the east coast, I don't care, snatch police coats
Leave the beast roast, Gruff disturb the peace in me, ghost
Walk wit notes, plus I'm known for puttin forks in throats
Armed robbery, strong-arm, dope fiend yolks
No joke, the burner, that'll total leave you unwoke
Heartless, body niggas, roll a blunt or smoke
Spaced out loke, sherm head, my eyes turn red
One time I came in off my high level, and guys was dead
Hold my own, from my Harlem home to Riker's
Up state and down state, wit them hillbilly crackers
They got the average black man labeled as a savage
Before that cabbage, he turn to pick a bad habit

[Chorus 2X]
Word to miz, my frontin Harlem Kidz get biz
Ready to set it, and we don't really care you is

Let me tell ya, how I live, I put paraphernalia
Wait, Herb McGruff ain't got vowels to show ya
Kingpin stay sharp, supreme thinkin
Gettin money out my ass, who think my cream sinkin
Heroine don, yeah, private jet airborne
Me and my niggas countin figgas wit that fresh gear on
Sip Crystal, skip the Mo', don't like Fidel Castro
Sportin diamond rings, like Don King wit that wild afro
It's time no, knowhatimean? Harlem bout to blow
No fake jacks, get the green, go all out for dough
Where I'm from son, snitches be dialin 911
But those the one you find in the alley filled wit 9 dum-dums

[Chorus 2X]

Aiyo, my town's real, it ain't no fairy tale here
Homicide Harlem, blaow, what's the problem?
We rob 'em, take all the jewels and the lucci
Cowards that grave, hit the fools wit the uzi
I lived this, handle all my business, leave no witness
God bless the guy who test the fine dress
To die F to BS, rock the cock this leg GS
Gruff be hittin virg, the skin, couldn't be sex the stretch
Hold my own, I'm own as the black Al Capone
Dangerzone, we pack chrome and wack out your dome
I want three nine, and Linic is where you will find this menace
Puffin la, sippin Harvey's Bristol, wine and Guinness

[Chorus 4X]
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McGruff - Harlem Kidz Get Biz
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