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A Train Uptown Songtext

Yeah heard McGruff Destined to be
'98 know what i'm sayin go get that
That real shit word up try hittin you


Be gettin high laughin fly fashion buggy-eye
Told the dealer we gonna try platinum
Like my magnum to blow you out you nike's
And leave you stagrin
'98 i'm bubblin like alka-seltser asprin
Niggas never dealt a assassin
Shootin ya hot water belt lashin
I get dough
Smoke dro and melt hashin
Enemies an foes gettin felt when i'm blastin
Or i'll put some dollars on you
Have my wolves lay you horizontal
Nozzle up ya nosril
My Crew pop you drop you
I'll take it ta the streets fuck the hip hop du
You never know who might walk up
Squeeze the trigger make your whole fuckin life
Short cut
You only live once
Fuck bitches smoke big blunts
Hydro smoke no joke
Roast in my fronts
Ten pies goes in a month
Bitches bringin O's in they cunt
Work for me
These murder mommies hurt for me
Duckin narcs in the burgandy mercury

Yo Gruff what the fuck is you doin man
Take these niggas uptown man get gut on em
Take em to the danger zone


Ungh yo aiyo i'm that nigga
Who you think you be but you not I
Harlem don nigga wit the blood shot eyes
Gruff got pies
Fuck wit nothin but my guys
Real wolve niggas bullet wounds
Cuts from knives
Rikers isle style bucks and fives
Wrote kingpen niggas up
Get the loot fuck they wives
Fuck they lives for in god we trust
They dies
Look at my snake eyes
See all the evil they hold
Never will I fold
Never will my eagle ger cold
Never move when I reach for your gold
Cause if you do get ready for some
Shit like kamode some hot shit
Some boom bang hit em up pistol pop shit
When I spit i'm in some nigga pocket
I get my cock licked
Puff purple haze and chocolate
In the cockpit of the latest drop top shit
I prophet
When I leave wiseguys hit
Pies I flip many different rides I whip
Yo fo fifth right beside my hip try some shit
Big baller fire bet you die for me
And feel them hot ones burnin in yo side and shit
Elton John: Geheimes Album kommt in ein paar Wochen
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Elton John: Geheimes Album kommt in ein paar Wochen
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Oliver Pocher: Er legt noch einmal nach
McGruff - A Train Uptown
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