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The Money Tree Songtext

Pull up an easy chair
And sit yourself down
And lean back

While I tell you bout
The folks that live in
The town of Greenback

They never have to work
On their hands and knees
Cause they live in a place
Where money grows on trees

Oh, the money tree
The money tree
It's a beautiful sight to see
Why couldn't it happen
To you and me

There isn't a man in town
Who isn't a regal spender
And they never wear a frown
For lack of that legal tender

They're all ten years ahead
On their income tax
And the whole town's driving
Next year's Cadillacs


Well, it grows fresh new bills
That snap and crack and as
Fast as you can pick em up
It grows em back

Now, every day
There's a bumper crop
With a million dollar bill
Way up on top


There's just one way to
Visit the town of Greenback
Pull up an easy chair
And sit yourself down
And lean back

Then close your eyes and
Suddenly, you will see
That beautiful, lovely
Wonderful money tree

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Margaret Whiting - The Money Tree
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