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Cycle of Violence Songtext

To whom it may concern...
This is an attempt. an attempt to expose the realities which every woman will face at some point in her life.
As a witness to the current economic and political pressures which limit women's lives and to the horrifying
Effect of these limitations i will do everything within my power to speak out against sexism racism and
Violence against woman. phase one: the tension building stage she feels scared, hurt, alone, afraid. she's
Embarrassed and her behavior is submissive he's jealous and his behavior is aggressive verbally abusive
Arrogant, controlling she "walks on eggshells" pretends she ain't knowing. here comes the cycle, cycle of
Violence here comes the cycle, you can't silence phase two: the violent episode stage now he's angry, out of
Control with rage and he don't give a damn who gets hurt or killed he's seeing red with his eyes and his heads
Filled... with fatal thoughts maybe even murder the same man who told her he would never hurt her here comes
The cycle, cycle of violence here comes the cycle, break the silence 3, 2, 1 she's on the ground, 3, 2, 1 she
Gets a beat down every 11 days in this country a woman is murdered by her husband, boyfriend or live-in lover,
40% of women who committ murder do so in self-defense. think about it, then you decide. 3, 2, 1 she's got the
Gun 3, 2, 1 and now it's done

--By Gibertoni--
Manuela Reimann spricht Klartext: Steht eine Rückkehr nach Deutschland an?
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Manuela Reimann spricht Klartext: Steht eine Rückkehr nach Deutschland an?
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Jack Savoretti: Kein Album ohne Nile

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Manhole - Cycle of Violence
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