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Strictly Business Songtext

Now who the fuck can hang with this westside crook?
Put niggas to sleep, swing with a left counter with a hook
Jook niggas like Barry, bodies bloody like Mary
Too scary to even look at when that ass gets buried
Gettin' carried away put to death by the vet
I'm a rider, Sac-town, Southside og timer
Gangsta for real, I peel hoes like peelin' oranges
A warning
Don't run up on these crazy Californians
I'm on ya, like leeches out the mud on yo ass
Pull out the strap, cock it back, unload on yo ass
Dodgin' the cops tryin' to get my props, pop 'em like a pimple
Like 3X Krazy, ain't it all so sick, ain't it all so simple
Pistola packin'
See some marks then I'm jackin'
Run up on him then I smack him
Put one in his New York jacket
Ridin' away peepin' the rear view
Lettin' you bleed in the middle of the street
Motherfucker we don't fear you

[Killa Tay]
Nathan soft
I breaks 'em off
Like Bo and Lurch
If you scared to do some dirt, go to church
Fuckin' with these cap peelas
Niggas that stack scrilla
With the mack in the back of the van
For the man that run up on the Killa T-A-Y
Do or die
Twist Dosia to keep me high
Sleepy eyes
Creepin' up with no disguise
No surprise
When I draw down, instantly bustin', touchin' brains
This, ain't no fuckin game
Kill 'em up ain't nothin' changed
Murder one is my specialty
Death to niggas that step to me
I take it to the next degree
Take 'em sicker than leprosy
Inevitably, I'm steadily dodgin' task
Heavily pervin'', servin' corners when I'm mobbin' on the gas
Nigga I'm a cap peela
You fuckin' with a real nigga
Drug dealer with a nine milla puttin' jacks down for the scrilla
Fill a, nigga with lead
Leavin' him dead
So rest in peace
Light him up like a torch
From the South to the North from the West back to the East
We riders

Chorus: (all lines simultaneous) X2

[Mississippi] This is for you haters
[Luna] Up jumps the boogie
We gonna ride tonight
Straight gone off doobies
Tonight we gonna ride
This is for the loochie
This is for you bustas
Hoes give up the pussy
We gonna ride tonight
Tonight we gonna ride
[Tay] We robbin' and mobbin' with my
Tonight we gonna ride
AWOLin and ballin' with a
This is for you bustas
Unlimited game and fame
We gonna ride tonight
So quickly strictly business
Gonna ride tonight

[Killa Tay]
I stay stuck like Chuck, choppin' it up on the homey's faulty
Flossy with the flava, major haters trying to solve me
Cross me
In the game you get your life took
We be hurtin'
Puttin' in work
Like a bg can't see me like a right hook
To the brain too much game for you to match about my scratch bitch
Nigga don't need no practice
Show me the loot and I'm at this
Gat up under the mattress
One up in the chamber
Real gang banger
Ain't no stranger to this danger
For dangler, fade ya like the major Cali chronic
Niggas that test the west gonna rest in peace and that's a promise
Got 'em hooked like phonics
Shakin' 'em up like I'm Mystic
Wicked when I'm with this stay in motion like a stick shift
I rip this
Burn 'em up like syphillis
Let 'em know I'm locced, leavin' 'em broke like it was Christmas
Stompin' in my steel toes, always down to bo-guard
We hoo-ride on tight tracks got sacks like a nose guard
That capital I-N-D-O got me faded, affiliated with ballers and thugs
Movin drugs to make a profit, pockets swollen
Rollin' blunts up fatter than your dick
Sick approach, puttin' in work with my folks Lunasicc

I got no time for you bustas I'm born and raised to be a hustla
We creep in the night puttin' it down on you suckas
Murder motherfuckers
And when I come I'm a dump
Jump out the back of the van
With the mack like man where the funk, punk?
I keeps it poppin
Non-stoppin droppin' shit like a seagull
Blastin', without no mask kill 'em up fast when I mash my Reagle
Flashin' quicker than faggots at a disco club
They bow down, when I come around 'cause I'm oh so tough
Shoelaces tied so ain't no reason for me to trip
When provoked I choke a bitch until she gimme that grip
Murder I wrote, like movies make the whole crowd scream
Runnin' through the back door bustin' like I'm jackin' for cream
Nigga duck down
I'm 'bout to pound like some cake
Psycho, schizo, to the nymphos can my nine get ate?
Nutty like the professor
Pullin' out weed like dressers
Make 'em all fall
When it call for laws I change like draws
Into a killa
Fuck the world I'm out to get my scrilla
Don't give a fuck about bitches, don't give a fuck about niggas
My trigga pulls like pimps, with they hoes on the strip
'Bout this money, ain't nothin' funny when I'm clockin' that grip
Bag 'em like they some groceries
You niggas don't know me
Tight like blue Nikes, I'm kickin' this funky shit like Shinobi
Might go do life for bustin' I'm bringin' ya death
Kill at will, bitch, with the steel until there ain't nothin' left

[Chorus 2X]
Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
Vor 2 Tagen
Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
Yeliz Koc: Keine weiteren Kinder?
Vor 18 Stunden
Yeliz Koc: Keine weiteren Kinder?

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