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Louis Armstrong - C'est Si Bon Songtext

C'est si bon
(It's so good)
Jerry Seelen/Andre Hornez-Henri Betti
(Copyright 1947 by Arpege Editions Musicales,France)
Louis Armstrong

Cm7 F7 Bb
C'est si bon, Lovers say that in France
Bbm Cm7
When they thrill to romance
F7 Bb6 F+
It means that it's so good
Cm7 F7 Bb
C'est si bon, So I say it to you
Bbm Cm7
Like the French people do
F7 Bb6
Because it's oh so good

Gb Cb Gb
Ev'ry word, ev'ry sigh, ev'ry kiss dear,
C7 F7
Leads to only one thought and it's this, dear

Cm7 F7 Bb
It's so good, nothing else can replace
Bbm Cm7
Just your slightest embrace
F7 Fm G7 Cm7 Ebm
And if you only would be my own
Bbj7 Bb H7 F7
For the rest of my days, I will whisper this phrase
BbGm7 F7
My darling c'est si bon

BbGm7 F7 BbGm7 F7
I mean that it's so good, when I say c'est si bon
BbGm7 F7 Bb
And I say c'est si bon, because it's oh so good.
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