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[Lil' Wayne]
It's major move right here baby
You gotta get with it or get lost,ya understand?

[Lloyd]'s yung lloyd reportin live from Atlanta Georg(yeah weezy F baby)
The game over here is great and ah I want all my sexy ladies to report to the dance floor immediately
We gon go and glide this one off

[Lil' Wayne]
Yeah right off the bat
Meine boy got dollars
Some women come freak one night
Flight mileage
It ain't no secret
I might holla
But I gon' sweatcha
Baby imma let cha
Catch up withcha game
Run fasta...don't let 'em lose ya
Cause I ain't gon bless ya
Unless you feel a lil desprit
Send a nigga a text message girl

STOP!...wait a minute
The way you move that girl
You done got my heart all in it
And I just wanna be with you tonight
Girl please i'm a playa yeah its true
But i'll change the game for you
I wanna see what it do

Can I be for real
This is how I feel
Im in need for love
So lets dip up out of here
Ooo your just my type
Everything's alright
And I just wanna chill so lets dip up out of here
Dip up out of here

I'll admit it
This just ain't no game
It's just words that i'm spittin
If you could see the thoughts thats in my head
I'm trippin' i'm a playa yeah it's true
But I change the game for you
I wanna see what it do


[Lil' Wayne]
Weezy F Baby
The key to the ladies
Keys to the 'cedes
But please say da baby
Weed and patrone
Even in the A.M.
We should be alone
We could get adayin'
You like what i'm sayin'
Then come around the way and
We could go inside and stay in
Tell a homeboy your stayin'
You've been takin'
Gone...turn me on and imma turn him OFF
You know I love you like good fool
You know you fuckin with a good dude
You know you give good brain like you graduated froma good school
You know i'm a good move you should
So hey shawty what it is
Tha carter who it is
Hey shawty do it big
Tha party at my crib
Thats party in the hills
You call it what you want
But she gon call you what she feel


[Lil' Wayne]
I ain't done a bout with a nigga
Yanno what I mean
Me and lil' lloyd baby
Long hair don't care
Hey whatup ron I see you baby...yah
It's major move right here baby
I ain't talkin' fast
You just listenin' slow you hear me
You ain't tryna heard me then don't hear me
But i'mf outa here
I ain't bein mean but you so mean jeez
What you want me to do?
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