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Lil' homie you ain't gotta be nobody, be yourself
Cause you don't need nothin', don't mean nobody need your help
My nigga lost his mind real young, know how he felt
Being a big pop, you need to make it out or melt
You can have that, you want that, get on out and get it
Once you grab that, give some back hit it come back in spirit
You a thinker? You thinkin' you can be on top?
I think you're on the right path can't wait to see you pop
Congratulations to the kid that did it up big
Preparations for my niggas comin' off bids
Education's only deep as you can dig it
Knowledge is the light, dark secret every visit
I left the will for this zone, me and my microphone
Blood, drugs, liquor and chrome, my nigga life goes on
When they music pours, drama ignites the storm
Runnin' for a rider gets your license torn
Out here we got it hard, so hard. The streets got her arms open up to me
They wanna see me fall down, way down, when I get back up they'll fuck wit' me
I know ya see me, ya wish ya was me, lifes a bitch and ya chick is ugly
Ice the wrist, niggas lookin funny
You want it? Well I want it more
No rules here, all fair in love and war
Just the number in the lotto, goin' down a sequence
Niggas dyin' to get bills, but they killin' over sneakers
Dreamin' of a million hearts beatin' through the speakers
Don't blame the terrible, blame the terror of the teachers
I'm not my brothers keeper in the era of the leecher
Find a lady that ya love wit' a head you better keep her
Keep ya mind on ya mission
I wish you well but don't get blinded wit' wishin' god
Fish like your fishin' rod
Rod comin' home, Ron comin home
Death right before dishonor on my arm till I'm gone
Ery'day is Rozay, Sean Don like tha don
Green made me 4k, blowin cron out the bong
I been at it too long, it ain't no one liver
I'm still fly and I rap like a drunk driver
Mad hoes, don't know what ones hotter
Married to the game, you leave you don't get one dollar
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