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Ima G and nigga that means I don't play by the rules,
But I could make you move.
Buy a quarter mil. on jewels so I ride around wit da ooze,
And that'll make em' move.
Ma,is you stayin or comin? Make up ya mind!
My lifestyles to fast to take my time
I gotta get in position to make her mind cuz I ain't leavin da club wihtout my dime...
You know I got my nine...
Think twice 'fore you cross that line...
You must've lost yo mind...
Thinkin you can off my shine..

(Verse 1:)
Shorty got it shakin, Im waitin to take her home
Its hot asss hell in here and I'm thinkin of patron,
I know a couple different ways I can make her moan,
When I'm done wit her: she'll wanna take a nigga to Rome,
Give me a hour, I'll have her blowin up my phone,
Like a stem to a stone and she wont leave me alone,
Million dollar nigga, I get it and show off,
Hit da "dolga"-give me a minute wit yo boss,
I'll fold ya-New York fitted and gold cross,
To the Rover, holster,over da shoulder,
Im the sickest thing spitten in a while
Your plane ain't da same, Its different when I fly
South side playa, play around and get shot
24-hour stake out on ya nigga block,
Dont get ya views confused wit hip hop,
'Fore you wind up on the news, now watch the hook drop


(Verse 2:)
Yea--From what I hear, niggas don't like me
Its funny-- they wanna be just like me
They bummy--its jealousy more than likely
The money-- done made a nigga all icey
4 figure ring, that boy doin his thing
VVS bling, my chain long as a swing
Boulevard King, But known in Behjing
Fully prepared for whatever the drama may bring
69 scrapper wit da up and down pumps
Murder is forever, don't fuck around once
Bottle after bottle, I down em' unitl Im drunk
If you ain't chipped in, don't come round my blunt!
Grimey and gritty, New York Citys top gun,
First nigga act up, gets a hot one
BPV, the bottom to top dun
I get there, I gets it, Im done, 1!


(Verse 3:)
I don't know bout you, but Im doin it for the Q (Queenz)
Wood brand new, size 22 shoe
Use ya money, don't let ya money use you
I gotta crews view, you know da usual
My lifes beautiful, my pockets full of bread
Get out of pocket, I'll play soccer wit ya head
And that girl ain't ya girl, know the difference BOY(Boy)
Kill more niggas than a liquor store
I left somethin on her when I seen her
She was rubbin it in like Noxema
She real cute, big titties & hips & she pretty convincing
A video vixen
If you lookin for a mack, I fit da description
Chicks see him, take pictures, and kiss him
Back block nigga, I get it and Im good
Im hood, livin life like you should


(Lloyd Banks:)
N.Y--New York That Is
Yal Know the name
I handle my biz...KID
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