Hate You More Lyrics


Lloyd Banks - Hate You More Songtext

Now she thinks she know me
Problem is I know her too
Separation the solution
We both don't know what we do
Them hating bitches wasn't hatin
When I told you " bring 'em through "
Now they sneakin they email me
Calling, texting, pinging too
Stuck my dick in every city
But I always figured you
Stick around when I got hot
Cuz you was there when I was cool
And I was young, dumb, full of cum
Greedy bitches pullin' some
Click and run, reputation foul than the hood I'm from
She thinks she working me
She must think I'm stupid
Ain't no jerkin' me
We dun kidnapped cupid
Fuck you gon take advantage of blue
I wrote the blueprint
Hanging out with my surrey
Beat that pussy up and roof it
No look pass, alley-oop it
They don't like me
They like that its bentley when I coupe it
With that in mind it's hard
To get blinded behind the music
Even if I had a heart
I work hard ain't no time to use it
And that there ain't exclusive
There you go again, acting like you got me
Got mad enough to flip
Cut you off, nobody gonna play me like a loser
I'mma play them bitches first
You dun lost me, acting like a fool just makes it worse
Now get off me, nah ain't no way to make it work
It will cost me, always knew it all
That's my curse, what you faking for
Crazy how you telling me you hate me
I think I hate you more
You make me not like you anymore
In fact I think I hate you
Really hope I hate you, I hate you
You make me not like you anymore
In fact I think I hate you
Really hope I hate you
I think I hate you more
You used to light me up
Grind me shit, move the fire
You got louie bags of skeletons
And you's a liar
Just someone you call to get a nut out, or boo the prior?
I don't think the loyal bitch has come out
Priorities lead to paper
If she knew better
Then she knew Id always be major
But she's caught up in the wind of the world
Average behavior
You don't wanna be shit yourself
You want someone to save ya
Well save that for the next man
My next plan is to play ya
You play for one of them teams
You got the best change to slay her
Lay her down by the lay up
Benjamin Franklin makes the world go round
Throws the cowards probably carrots and merry
That's how they all go down
Don't come around me cause I'm too cold
You may be prepared for what the truth holds
Complex technicality grabbing me through this loop hole
And no actuality, rather me and my coup gone
Gone from the bullshit
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Til Schweiger in tiefer Trauer um Lunas Ex-Freund
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