2004 Warmup Lyrics


Lloyd Banks - 2004 Warmup Songtext

Ey yo whatsup you know who the fuck this is, it's the kid Banks ya heard me? The number 1 fuckin Draft Pick in any hood! G-G-G-G-UNIT!!!

Look Banks bout the bubble like crush grapes
I don't give a fuck, wait but bring me my cut laid in this ducktape.
My heart's colder than upstate so I aint got time for relationships give me a slut gate.
I'm far from sweet but can't get enough cake, nigga I put you on your ass like tough breaks. Bitch you be rich If you can spend babies, I disrespect niggas, call men ladies,
Round from the gun sound like M-80's, Timbs all year, Black, Brown and Gravy
Banks got a Gun to the back down and navy so if you owe me, get smacked down and pay me
Im honest, it aint no loss, nigga I don't even need in restaurants if it aint no froz
I throw combos, Six fo's and Five's, and put your hand out, if it aint for a five
These rap niggas following me like tour guides, talking gangsta, like they got more lobs
I pound out pussy, leave her with sore thighs, nigga I been fuckin with tits with before eyes
You might see me in the shit that store hots, I don't care I punch niggas with four Oz
Every Bar takes away a little more bright, I got something from Big Small and tour Guys
We might pull up and Big Small in tour rides, Might pull up and put up a bullet in your ride
Niggas want it with Banks even the whores tried, I put something in your gut through your door slide
For the talks I never fall in Love with them clothes, I'm Ghetto, Timbaland Bubblegum Sauce
I done seen girls turning to Doubledumb hoes, then they get pregnant, another one grows
Haters must runnin see the brother gun blow, get at me the kid with the number 1 flow
If it's one on one hoe, sit back and blow me and argue over my balls like Shaq and Kobe
Yeah I know me, relax twist back the drowie yack and moley, fuck around and yack your roley
I don't want problems if your give me death to show me, nuthin but cocklovers runnin with Axel Foley
I aint got no aim but to slop you sprayers, hittin up the wall more than hockey players
Niggas, thought I was sleep, and jock me later get your own shit, why you wanna copy hater?
I'm a big dog, you a puppy child, hoes wanna fuck me now cuz they hear my name like the Puffy trial
That nigga got a bad temper plus he foul, blowin dro hand pic form my pluffy spell

Yeah, here we go!
That wasn't ignorant, I'm just playin?
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Album On Fire Mixtape

Lloyd Banks
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