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Problem melden

Experiment Number Six Songtext

500 milligram dose administered
Experiment begins

Temperature 98.6
Pulse 68
Blood pressure 120/70
Breathing regular
Focus clear

Pulse 110
Blood pressure 140/90
Sweat glands aroused
Slight constriction of pupils
Inducing stage 2

Temperature 98 degrees
Increasing dilation of pupils
Delta waves moving from cranial anterior to posterior
Overwhelming sense of well being and euphoria

Increasing input voltage to maximum

Temperature rising to 106.2
Pulse 160, blood pressure 190/120
Displaying symptoms of disorientation
Profuse sweating, extreme dilation of pupils
Inducing stage 3

Core temperature drop to 93 degrees
Pulse down to 34
Blood pressure 60/40 and falling
Eye lids flickering

Pulse and temperature continuing to fall
Body inert, skin gray and flaccid
No response to external stimulae
EEG shows no cerebral activity

Experiment ends
Peter Maffay versteht die Politik nicht mehr
Vor 1 Tag
Peter Maffay versteht die Politik nicht mehr
Schock für Amira und Oliver Pocher!
Vor 1 Tag
Schock für Amira und Oliver Pocher!

Album Lost Horizons (2002)

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Lemon Jelly - Experiment Number Six
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