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The way I feel Songtext

1)Thats the way I want it,
Thats the way I feel,
Cause all I ever want,
I hope it's real.

2) And if you dont know,
What I say,
Come over ,ask me questionly,
I think its ok!

B:Thats the way I feel,
Thats my way , it's real,
All the people about me,
Ask theirself : How can it be?
That we dont see wats in life important.
They dont know how to life.
They dont know how to dream.
All they want is cash , is money ,
Ask yourself then you know it isn't real!

C:Thats the way I feel,
When everything seems complicadet!
Then Its real.
They dont know how to play it!
Tell me WHY
Do you CRY
Come on lets FLY
To the SKY
And dream .... away
Cause thats the way I feel!

3)Show me a dangerous thing,
Buy me a diamond ring,
And if it isn't enough,
I'll boy you a car!

R:Cash, money,
I think its ok,
1,2,3,4 thousend,
I think its ok,
Tell me why the world goes round,
Come on , everybody,
Give me the sound.

Chorus: mal 3
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LCLJK - The way I feel
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