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Sorry for today Songtext

1)You say you dont love me,
But I cant give you up,
I want to be on your side,
And I say sorry.
Sorry for today.

2)you say I cant understand,
I cant live forever in wonderland,
And I know,
I must let you go.
So I say sorry for today.

Refr:So I say sorry,
Sorry for today,
Sorry for all,
Sorry for us,
Sorry for me,
No matter what you say,
I bring my bullshit home!
I cant make it undone.
Cause I'm only I.
And I say sorry:
For today!

3)I fuck you dont love me,
But you cant give me up,
You want to be on my side,
And you say sorry,
Sorry for today.

4)I say you dont understand,
You cant live forever in Wonderland,
And you know,
You must let me go,
So you say sorry for today.


B:Thank you for the helping words,
Thank you for your help.
Tank you that you wait for me.
Thankyou for all.

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LCLJK - Sorry for today
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