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Keep It Real...Represent Songtext

[Kool Keith]
Yeah, rappers, spread your cheeks
Pull your panties down
Take your wig off, let me see your bald head
That's right, I got you on Kodak
Your pictures are goin out to Black Tail
You're gonna be a star

I heard you quit rap, your wife went back to porno flicks
You turned drag queen, a call girl doin tricks
Nighttime prostitute kid, I'ma take your loot
I heard you queer now like Boy George, blowin flutes
With high heels, you stole your mom's birth control pills
You on some new stuff, I heard about that sex change
You got a vagina, your grandmother think it's strange
New eyeliner, you was flirtin with a gay designer
Your girl felt mines, and pulled off her Calvin Kleins
I saw Tampax, gonorrhea red stopsigns
I looked at her and said, "Mmm. put your panties back on"
Then jerked off to Foxy Brown, when her verse was on
I wanna stand back and bust nuts at your butts
Your girl is cocked up, with lollipops, doggie style
I feel I'm dealin with plastic, watch these fake smiles
Yeah, meet my left and my right

Keep it real. represent what? My nuts (2X)

[Kool Keith]
I got utensils, back up kid, yo guard your rectum
I'm crazy out here, mental man, don't respect him
You now in pain, your mom just had the abortion
Big head Boo, I put some roaches on your whole crew
Have you scared with crack pipes, your family throwin doodoo
Wear out your welcome, your little girl sex desires
Have you handicapped, some friends of mine blow your tires
Like Alfred Hitchcock, the ghost stands on your block
With nine mil's for drug addicts, I keep triggers cocked
You on some methane, my witchcraft is on your brain
Blow out your headpiece, and break out quick on the plane
Seal up your coffins, and celebrate with champagne
Get my drink, Absolut, cranberry juice
Paranoid by rug spots, you see the purple moose
You smokin sherm or what? I paralyze that butt
Lick my d-head, you girls still pee in the bed
Yo take that wig off, yo punk let me see that caesar

Keep it real. represent what? My nuts (3X)

[Kool Keith]
I gets more wreck, than? kids in baby's Pampers
Your wife is banned for leavin bras in my hampers
That heffer's ugly, plastic why you still bug me
I'm on Melrose, Nicole's takin sun strolls
Black girls with weaves, white girls with flat butts
With the name H-O-M-O spelled in your name
You was a woman one time, man I know your game
With panties stuck up, sweat leakin in your crotch
Collard greens you wet pig, you can't eat that much
I shut you down, your whole face two o'clock
Have your girl on sunset, in Denny's suckin cock
With white pumps up, blonde wigs rottin in the trunks
That homeless monkey, Barbie doll crystal junkie
I'm no joke and have respect for your kinfolks
Tie your tubes back, my scope is on your asscrack
You got paid for doodoo, that package rap was wack
Yeah yeah, you know what? Yeah

Keep it real. represent what? My nuts (4X)

That's right, nine-six and seven (Reverand Tom)
Representin the scrotum (Octagon)
All the hairs under the testicles (The SharkMan)
Lick. (Kool Keith)
Yeah, don't buy The Basement Tapes
Sheisty things going on, somebody's on the pipes
Labels foldin, goin down in ninety-six
Nobody play the records
City's out, no Tuff, Tuff. pity
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