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I Close My Eyes Songtext

When I think about the distance between us
And how hard it is
At times here on my own
Then I think about your smile
About our love a little while
I close my eyes and I'm not alone

Though my footsteps fall
My heart won't ever stumble
Through a thousand miles a day
My love won't tire
For with each passing day
I pray that our love is here to stay
I close my eyes and I'm not alone

Sometimes I whisper your name
Or dream awhile a lonely lovers' game
All I'm trying to say
Is that I love you in my way
And though the days seem long
I'll soon be coming home

As I leave my song
My heart belongs to you, my love
There really are no more words
That I can find
For my love, you are my life
You are the colour in my sight
And I close my eyes
And kiss you goodnight
Nicole Scherzinger: Neue Musik
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Nicole Scherzinger: Neue Musik

Album Running Blind

Ken Hensley
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Ken Hensley - I Close My Eyes
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