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Problem melden

You Don't Move Me Songtext

You made the wrong motion
Drank the wrong potion
You lost the feeling
Not so appealing

Why do you think you got no friends
You drove them all around the bend

Oh Yeah
You don't move me anymore

Now you wanna throw the dice
You already crapped out twice

Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah
You don't move me anymore

One face so seamy
The other don't see me
It's better that you kill the light
You're giving us all a fright

Oh Yeah
You don't move me anymore

How you gonna keep your wealth
Can't even defend yourself

Ah yeah, Ah no
You don't move me anymore

What makes you so greedy
Makes you so seedy
No matter how you flip that dime
On our side is time
Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah

It's no longer funny
It's bigger than money

You don't move me anymore
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Keith Richards - You Don't Move Me
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