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Rock Awhile Songtext

Oh rock awhile [repeat 6 times]
Baby don't you stay with me

Rock awhile
Baby stay yeah
I don't need to lie
You can believe it or leave it
Baby won't you stay with me
And rock awhile
Hold your breath - Babe
Close the shop, close the shop, Yeah

Rock a while
Baby come up here and
Rock a while

Stay with me, C'mon, Yeah
Tell me what you want now
I don't need to lie to you
Stay with me
Baby, baby stay with me and
Rock awhile

[Ad lib verses]
It's no cheaped shot there
Baby's just a square, yes she is

[Verse 5,6 etc. ad lib]

Rock awhile
Come over
Just rock awhile
Have to rock in style

No strings attached
Just me and
Rock awhile
Just you

C'mon now baby stay with me
Stay yeah
Tell me what you wanna do
Stay yeah

And rock awhile
No strings attached
Stay with me awhile
Tell me all your troubles again
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Keith Richards - Rock Awhile
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