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Julian Lennon - Day After Day Songtext

I have walked through the fire as an ordinary man And if I die, I'll die in peace, part of all that God has planned 'Cos I believe in you and the best is yet to come You've been alone, it's true, daddy's work is never done In my dreams every night I see the waves upon the sand And you and I walk alone and there's a ring upon your hand Yes I believe in you and if my prayers are answered now I'm coming back to you, I'm gonna find a way somehow I'm making my way, each morning I pray for you Day after day I'll turn every stone until I get home to you Day after day Where you are is all there is, the only place I want to be And love is war, and war is cold, when you're so far across the sea Still I'm alive, still in love, I hope this letter finds you well Through the blood, through the flames I can hear those wedding bells I'm making my way... Darling you know the winds of peace are blowing They say the answer is written in the wind Still I can hear the fallen angels singing Our love is stronger than the million miles that separate us I'm making my way...
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