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Hi! My name is Jimmy! Do you like to skate?
Do you have a ramp? Do you smoke pot?
My mom's takin' me to the gig tonite
Right after I get out of my boy scout meeting!
Go! Do it! Uh-huh!
You talk so much about unity
When what we need is solidarity
Not just between the people in the scene
But everybody in between
But if you're not in their crew
They don't have much to do with you
Why don't you go and build a treehouse, too?

Thought you were helping to blaze new trails
Now it costs 5 bucks for you to answer my mail

Go! Do it! Uh-huh!
Why shouldn't mom and dad be behind the band?
You don't do anything that upsets them
Wally and Beaver were never that good
In their make-believe neighborhood
Be positive in your fantasy world
Go and skate rad in the park
You don't care about anything
Execept what time the next gig starts!
Go! Do it! Uh-huh!
Hey, man, let's go out to the van and catch
A buzz and I'll tell ya all about this new
Song I wrote... Yeh, what's it called?...
It's called 'Straight Ahead'...
Okay, I wanna tell everybody about a very
Bad thing in this world, and if everybody
Skates a lot and goes to a lot of shows,
Everything's gonna be okay, alright?
Go! Do it! Uh-huh!
See Spot chase the ball see Jon run see Jon fall
We're not kids anymore this is 1984
You think being young is all there is to be
Well so did the nazis in Germany
There's more to life than hardcore
Just what the fuck are you fighting for?
Go to Hell right NOW!
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Inbred - Positive Song
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