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History Lesson Songtext

In the museums and in the schools
Displays of "primitive" kinds and their tools
Primitive because they couldn't stand
Up to the machine of "civilized" man

So we grind their bones up in to dust
Because they're not like us
Dig 'em up and put 'em under glass
We're safe now that they're past
Exterminate them because we hate them
Because they won't bow down to our gods
Money and science and power and blood
Shed as we bulldoze them in to the mud!

Fear's the real reason we rape their lands
Scared 'cause we can't hope to understand
Scared 'cause they don't need our names to be
Or need what we think makes us free

So we try to make them what we are
'cause we've come so far
If they resist they die in the name of progress - but we could care less
'cause to us they're not human
They might as well be lizards under rocks
But did you ever think they don't learn
Just because they don't need to be taught
Our kind of history lesson?!?!
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Inbred - History Lesson
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