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A Spectacle of Lies Lyrics

Sell them lies, sell them hope
Sell them what you know they long for
Confuse, dilute, and warp perception
Make them think they want it all and more
Sell them glory, sell them pride
Sell them all that's far from reach
Suck them in with smoke and mirrors
Make them think it's what they need
Engeneers of deceit, planting all their seeds
Artful in their craft, painting usright into their corner
Preying on the ameless, preying on the naive
Pray that we survive, all the poison we've been fed
Inventing the problem
Naming the enemy
Creating the conflict
The greatest deception
It's to make them belive
There is no deception
This foul machine
Cloaked in our ignorance
Of hatred and war
Sold on lies, sold on hope
So grand is this dark charde
The only prize is blood and death
Running wildly fighting shadows
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Album Kingdom of Conspiracy (2013)

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