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When It's Love Lyrics


Immature - When It's Love Songtext

I love you you know it
I ain't too proud to show it
When it's love

What will I do for love (what will I do)
My love is real
Girl you know you know you know
You knock me out
You give me good love
Without a doubt (without a doubt)
No one can tell us
What to feel inside


You're so understandin' my friend ( your sounderstandin' my friend)
There through thick 'n' thin (there through thick 'n' thin)
So girl lets not pretend (girl lets not pretend)
Whose to say
what's right or wrong
Our love is strong (love is strong)
Girl you know our love is on
Its on.....


Girl u know you knock me out
Without a doubt
Nothing on my mind but you
'Cause your my boo, my boo, my boo
Your so understandin' (understandin')
My friend through the end
Through think 'n' thin
So don't pretend
So dont front on my love
'Cause I get deep in love

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