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Wakes You up (House Party) Lyrics


Immature - Wakes You up (House Party) Songtext

Immature: Ooh (repeat in background)
You have the chance to move
your butt to the flip flip flatter
the way you move your bladder
so the rhythm don't go slow
Immature's gonna flow

House Party Wakes you up
So get down
get up off your feet
shake the ground

Immature is here to get this party Jumpin
(Get this party jumpin)
with all the fun that we are having in the neighborhood
so get up off your feet
jam with us
and Immature will show you how to party ow

Move that butt
shake your head
Do the nasty
Havin fun as the night goes passy
Are you havin fun (yeah)
Do you want to go home (no)
so get your butt on the floor ow

Get on up move your butt
it's the house party thang
do your stuff
knowin' where to go to the flow
again and again tell all your friends
it's a house party thang

Half-Pint:(over )
House Party's back again to
tell you and all my friends to party with me
the way it should be Immature
deserves much respect
the best
yeah nothin less

till end
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