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Pay You Back Lyrics


Immature - Pay You Back Songtext

I wanna pay you back
For the things you do for me
I love you so
Never let you go

You give me all your lovin'
And I wanna give you mine
Cuz someone needs to pay you back for
For being so fine
I'll lay you on my magic carpet
And take you on a lover's ride
Cuz I never met a girl who loved me
Let me lay it on the line


If I ruled the world I'd give you
Everything your heart desired
Rubies as red as your lips
And diamonds shinin bright as your eyes
I'd build a castle on a mountain
Way up in the sky
A million dollar bill for every moment
Cuz girl you are so fly


Wassup up this Romeo
And I just wanna let you know
That I love you
And I like to pay you back for lovin' me

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