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The twilight Songtext

This is the twilightzone naw fools fuck the twilight
Do shit I naw like and motherfucker I fight
I strike first and leave the quest to the pest ass press
Picture me wearin' a vest
Fuck that i'm blessed with guess what an iron chest
Now you can come test come fess come stress come mess come yes
And rest in peace you'll be a feast meal 4 the beast
I leave my enemies on their motherfuckin' knees
Please everybody obey what I say
Or it can't stay no good day
Like dre i've been there and done that u can talk shit but i'm that
Young black in combat that'll fry u like an omelette
Where the bomb at some rap for free but hell I don't
When I rock the mic you know your ass stays stoned
Your bitch gets boned wherever I roam'll be my home
My zone bad boy bout benjis like i'm moe puffy combs - nigga
Ono / walkin' large:
I'm fully dressed in brown like u.p.s.
I'm sitting next to my moulinex
I'm anticipatin'groupsex
It's 10:40 got a call from this around the way shorty
Who's throwin' orgies
I'm tryin' to stay up by drinkin' coffee
Horny ain't the word so I grab my tail
Send it back and forth like e-mail as I ex- and inhale
It's past midnight when they came three hoes suckin' lollipops
Lookin' confident like this was daily job
The first chick said she had a booty bangin' like dope beats
Pussy strong enough to leave hickeys on the dick
Oh shit complete wrong bitch to fuck with
But i'm that schizophrenic standing in the spot
But living in the twilight artist
Jerome handsome the exhibitionist
I grabbed two by the wrists pressed their tongues on my nipples
The third was on the cum-chase
I blazed one they shaked some
Feminine-fat in my face and told me to smack some
You want some you get some

It's the return of the science fictional wit material
Illa then every imperial killa in a serial
Wit mad rhymes i'm on it lyrical punchlines I bomb it
Illmat!c whack mc's greatest nightmare most wanted
Atomic now you see me gettin' mad luchini
You'll be lah lah and i'm classic like puchini
Smack the track up wit my back up and futuristic visions
Fuck mcs like a pornflick in 69 positions
Missions complete my steez survived the apocalypse
Collabo wit ono and mo and still makin' hits
Like big tits you want it but I serve explicit lyrics
My style's hard to capisce like arabian hyrogliphics
No gimmicks but a slammer bringin' you the drama
My shit's 2 leg it 2 quit and you can't touch it like hammer
It's not relevant but I survive every raptournament that's my element
And all you wannabes out there sign yo testament

If they spark I light
If they scratch I bite
If thye touch i'll fight
Be I wrong or right
Now you can call that hype
But i'mma blast on sight
Cause i'm a nigga that survived the twilight

I'mma outgrow height
I want my future bright
U betta gimme that mic
Or i'mma take it and strike
I'mma keep shit tight
Be it day or night
Cause i'm determined 2 survive the twilight
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Sophia Thomalla: Sie ist wieder single
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Illmatic - The twilight
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