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If I lay down Songtext

1) fuck what you heard before rough rugged and
Here comes the ill matador with the hardcore
You want more cause you know the sound is real
I'm the man of steel and I slam like shaquille o' neal
Mo' money mo' murder mo' homocide
Just like a.z. man you better had an alibi
Bye bye like nintendos I play those
I kick your ass in vegas in frisco to barbados
I hate hoe's like you bitch you know the rules
You loose now you see my face on mtv news
I cruise the world I got the blues like toni tony
Tone eat you wannabe's like macaroni

2) I break necks with my raps oh what a drama
Gimme the microphone I rock the jams like santana
The bad rama dama jammer like redman
Hero like batman and you you're a dead man
Walkin' bullshit talkin' it's too hot
You wanna mess with me - I think not
I'm harder than a penis crazy like beavis
And butthead you wanna be like me you never seen
The cleanest raptactics up in this game
Fuck money the fame everybody knows my name
It's a shame you're history code of the victory
The illmatic supersonic 3p mc

3) shut the fuck up gimme your ear before I bust it
I'm apublic enemy you know you can't trust it
I crush it every single minute every hour
Power to make mc's wet just like a shower
The tower of lyrical awereness is my home
No more d-zone cause i'm harder than the baddest
I battle all you hoe's who try to diss you
Step in my face fool nobody miss you
I kiss you good bye baby rest in peace
Fuck all my enemys with my rap style techniques
Please god I wonder can you save me
I can't live in this cold world it's crazy

Chorus: if I lay me down to sleep ( oh lord )
I pray the lord my soul to keep ( oh lord )
If I should die before I awake ( oh lord )
I pray the lord my soul to take ( my soul ) 2 times
That's my word we livin' in a cold world
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Illmatic - If I lay down
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