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Strugglin' Songtext
von ILLA J

[Illa J]
Uhh, uhh, yeah, uhh
We 'bout to take you for a ride
Uhh yeah, we gonna take you for a ride
Ride-ride, ride

[Chorus: singing]
I'm 'bout to take you on a ride~!
Of a strugglin artist
It ain't no easy life
You gotta hustle the hardest, ohhhhh
And yes time is fast
And yes time is cash
Yes time will pass you by
You gotta keep your eyes open

[Illa J]
Yeah, check it, uhh
Yo let me tell you my mission, I'm here to inspire
To, bring together this Earth, Wind & Fire
Uhh, I'm that dude that her friends admire
Use this Libra earring, go fill your tires
And roll them bitches 'til the wheels collapse
Everybody make noise if you feel my raps
Feel my daps, pass the pop-lock 'til it don't stop
Breathe in, breathe out, bullshit, ease out
But then, they told me I would make it this industry
But I ain't seen a cent, have you seen my rent?
This is where it gets interesting, cause the writer starts to vent
I go to Middle C and somethin told me
To play this melody, somethin heavenly
And told me to forever be a leader with a purpose
So I wrote this, and in the back of my mind, I note this
When I shine my light, everybody gonna notice


[Illa J]
Yeah, this is music for your grind, while you doin your craft
While you tryin to get better, tryin to be the best
Tryin to finish the task, tryin to pass the test
This is for the stress the bullshit in your life, when you tryin to reach success
The world is a mess, I'm not trippin
I'm just livin, claimin my prize
I sleep with my eyes, I've seen the sun rise
I read all the signs, you live and you learn
You give and you earn, and then to a pothead like me
You twist it and burn it and blaze it
And watch the smoke... huh, and then you take another toke
No joke with the notebook, I'm just Ill
Just real, just super talented
My favorite White Stripes album is "Elephant"
Okay I know that's irrelevant
Uhh, but that's my shit
Illa J, so delicious, mischievous


[Outro: - sung]
You gotta hustle the hardest!
Time is fast, time is cash
Gotta keep your eyes open
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ILLA J - Strugglin'
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