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Sounds Like Love Songtext
von ILLA J

(Debi Nova harmonizing)
[Illa J]
Yeah uhh yeah
Listen to this and tell me what it sounds like
Uhh... stimulating soundbytes
While I seize firmly those hips
Movin closer and closer to those lips
I hear you shout my name
While the blood runs through my veins it's inherited
Musicality to help sooth your pains
With a perfect composition that we've arranged
There is no competition when it comes to me and you
Makin love for sendin me this angel
There's someone I've gotta thank above
For this uniquely distinctly ace of love
Unselfish benevolent patient love
How you arouse my senses
It's flawless you finish my sentences
With a finger to my lips - shhhhhh
I can't explain how much I love this
[Chorus: Debi Nova]
Music makin love and harmony
La mentally and your energy
Sounds like sweetened soul sounds like
Through the night whisperin in my ear
With sweet thoughts softly we want to hear
Sounds like sweetened soul sounds like
[Illa J]
Yeah check it uhh yeah
My favorite sound is the sound of strong affection
Your warm attachment your body's contactin
I know you feel the excitement of these compassionate actions
Us love birds get involved in
And if we have a problem we speak face to face start solvin
This relationship I put my all into
You extending intensely inside
You just fill me with pride
It's so hard for me to hide the sensibilities
That you hear in these melodies
That's a gift to help us to make that emotional shift
Into another galaxy uhh
Our souls harmonize in my mind
Sexual musical over tones overload
In my hard drive while I share my life with you
And tonight let's do what we like to do every night
[Chorus: - 2X]
Ba ba-da-dah-oooh-ee-ahhh
[Illa J]
I'm sittin here
Tryin to think of what to say
In space it's just the music it speaks for itself
That's all I gotta say
Jay Dee Debi Nova Illa J
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ILLA J - Sounds Like Love
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