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Apricots to Armagnac Songtext

You know the potion is real
You know the light is there
You drive all the way downtown
Just to be alone
You fear your system is choking
But won't beware
Desperate to find a body
That won't go stale
Your stomach burns without desire
Your incompleteness leaves a lot to be
Riding the wave of a new melody
Shot from your body through the big dark sea
Avocados and grapefruits would do just fine
But tension building is hard work
So you need a cow
Contradictions in balance
You're ready to jump
Across the eastern borders and back to the west
You're out for stories you're out for blood
To love your selfishness is so insane
Does anyone see you for what you are
You remember someone but she's run too far
Apricots to armagnac
Fragen über Idaho
Für was ist Idaho bekannt?
Was bedeutet Idaho?
Wo liegt Boise?
Idaho - Apricots to Armagnac
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