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When me was a youth an me watch TV
Afternoon time adout six thirty
Me see a white man a swing from tree to tree
An me wonder a who the hell it could be
Dut a no Tarzan the King of the jungle
Him give the orders an the black man dem humble
All dem kinda thing you see when you're younger
Stay in your mind an it staya ina your structure

Tarzan of the jungle di jungle di jungle...
Tarzan of di ah oh

Television is like the racist teacher
Even make money look bright yes cheeter
Look more intelligent an much wiser
Than the black man the monkey look brighter
Typical example of a white suppresser
For keep you under control keep you under pressure
But look now this idea it fresher
A black Tarzan would have been much better

They say he's the King of the jungle
But tell me how can that de right
They say he's the King of the jungle
But I do believe he is white
They say he's the King of the jungle
Now tell me how can that de so
They say he's the King of the jungle
Dem thing dett I will never follow

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