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Russian Roulette Lyrics


Ice MC - Russian Roulette Songtext

It's a russian roulette it's a game
and you are playing with fire so don't be crazy
be at peace of min dwhen you go with the one
you desire you life is in danger

A dum dem duma dum dem dum
becadem no seh a danger but dem still na done
mout a water fever come
but dem don't remember fi put a condom
russian roulette di roulette russian
protect your buddy anprotect you battam
an no badda switch neggle mek injection
H.I.V in afec hole di infection

Ina di cyar dem a dig down deep an
ina di bed dem a dig down deep an
ina di field dem a dig down deep
but I man when mi diggin' lard mi don't fall asleep
protececection protececection
use a cococondom a cococondom
good good lovin' like that there's nothing
ca di A.I.D.S business a serious something


You never ever no never ever no no never no oh
no no never never no
who have di sinting ina dem hole
protect you head an protect you pole
dutty intension dutty invension an dem wah pin
it all pan di african
remember who gmn an tink about it
ca mi tell you already it's a serious somethink

Chorus (2x)
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