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Ice MC - In the Sun Songtext

In the sun feeling ire
In the sun feeling fine
Beach in the day we'll party in the night
In the sun looking sexy
In the sun level vibe
Juice on my left and music on my right (x2)

I can't wait summer is just around the corner
I never go skiing cause I love it when it's warmer
L?m going to Jamaica maybe check Malaysia
Chilling on the beach kickin the Dreadatour behavior
With girlies in bikini's playing volley ball an all that
If l?m in Jamaica I'll be coolin widda a big fat
Seven letter word that ends with tripple F ...l?m Ire
Summertime the only thing left

E Ho Rio De Janeiro Copacabana
Yo Montego Bay
... Hey ... I'll enjoy my stay
There's nothing better than going away
On holiday ... like Madonna say
Jazzy Jeff an fresh Prince made summer time play
Yeah this is Ice no I won't melt
When summer time comes mi look alter my health

And I listen the reggae music in cool dungu
Turn up the bass di make niceness
Car donu take off me boot because the sun welcome
Datta di way me get closer to the word freedom
Get a sun tan I get a sun tan
Dancehall ramma like a sardine can
A who do dat datta di boom diggy man
So join in together an sing along

Album Dreadatour (1996)

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